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Local Union #17 Hiring Hall Procedures



Building Trades Journeyman and Building Trades Apprentice  


This hiring procedure is to provide construction employers with the means of securing an efficient and competent workforce on a non-discriminatory basis, and in order to minimize the evils of casual employment by securing a fair distribution of work among workers represented by Plumbers Local #17.  To these ends, the following hiring procedures establish: 

1.The selection of registrants for referral to the job shall be on a non-discriminatory basis and shall not be based on or in any way affected by Plumbers Local #17 Membership, By-laws, rules, regulations, constitutional provisions or any aspect of obligation of Plumbers Local #17 Membership, policies or requirements.

2. In notifying Plumbers Local #17 of the need for workers, Employers may specify: 

A.  The number of workers required;

B.  The location of the project;

C.  The nature and type of construction involved;

D.  The work to be performed;

E.  Whether special skills or qualifications are required.  The following Skills or qualifications

1. Licensed Plumber
2. Certified Brazier/ Med Gas Installer
3. Certified Back-flow Tester
4. Certified Welder
5. Service Plumber
6. Gas Fitter as recognized by local codes
7. Heating Service
8. Residential Plumber as recognized in the Residential Agreement

F.  Such other information as may be necessary to enable Plumbers Local #17 to make proper referral of registrants.

3.  The Union shall keep a register of applicants for employment established on the basisof the groups listed below. Each registrant for employment shall list special skills or qualifications in the plumbing and pipefitting industry when registering for employment.  Recognized skills and qualifications are listed above in paragraph 2 (E).  Registrants shall be listed in chronological order of the dates they register their availability for employment. 

4.  Plumbers Local #17 will register and refer all registrants for employment in the order in which they sign the our-of-work list, subject to the following priorities: 

A.  All workers who maintain a permanent residence in the geographical area constituting the normal

construction labor market a hereinafter defined will be referred before non-residents. 

B.  All registrants who have not withdrawn their pension benefits from Plumbers Local # 17 Pension Fund

will be referred prior to those who withdrawn their benefits. 

C.  All other qualified registrants will be referred in the order in which they signed the out-of –work list. 

5.  There will be separate lists for journeymen and apprentices. 

6.  The Business Manager or his designee will determine upon objective considerations including whether special skills or qualifications are required, whether the registrant is a qualified journeyman and in the case of an apprentice, a qualified first, second, third, fourth or fifth year apprentice.

7.  The Union Business Manager or his designee will determine upon objective considerations whether the registrant is qualified or meets the qualifications for the job in question, including but not limited to whether the registrants are licensed or certified or of journeyman experience. 

8.  In referring registrants to an employer, Plumbers Local#17 will first refer registrants in the order of signing or their names on the list, (subject to the priorities specified in paragraph 3) so long as they meet the qualifications for the job, and then refer registrants in the same manner successively. Any registrant who is rejected by an employer shall be restored to his or her place on the list for his or her group.  Once a registrant is referred for employment and is actually employed on a job for more then eighty (80) hours, such registrant’s name shall be removed from the list.

 When his or her employment terminates, he or she may register at the bottom of the appropriate list on which he or she is entitled to be registered by signing the out-of- work list.  If a registrant, upon being referred for employment of any length in regular order,  refused to accept the employment, such registrants name will be placed at the bottom of the group list on which he or she is registered.  When a registrant is referred to a job for fewer than eighty (80) hours or less, the registrant must sign the out-of-work book when the job ends, to protect his or her place on the list.  

9.  A registrant maintains his or her place on the list from the first date of registration only if he or she renews the registration every week, as well as after the completion of short jobs.

10.  All registrants for referral must sign the out-of-work list in person.  The list is kept at the business office in the Plumbers Local #17 Union Hall, 4229 Prescott, Memphis, Tennessee.  Plumbers Local #17 accepts re-registrations for referral anytime between 7:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday-Friday.  New registration for referral will be accepted on Wednesday between 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. for apprentices. 

11.  Plumbers Local #17 will use its best effort to notify registrants for referral, once its registrant is to be referred to a job pursuant to a request of the employer, but assumes no obligation or responsibility for failure to locate such registrant.  

12.  An employer may request employees by name.  The employer or his representative must first obtain the names of journeymen on the out-of-work list posted at Local #17 and submit the names on forms provided by the union.

13.  Plumbers Local Union #17 shall require all who have not previously registered to submit a resume of experience and qualifications.  It is the registrant’s duty to advise the Business Manager or his designee of facts which may justify his or her qualifications.  Plumbers Local Union#17 may check a new applicant’s references and/or require that an appropriate test be given to determine whether the applicant meets the qualifications necessary to be referred as a journeyman or apprentice.

14.  In the event any registrant is aggrieved with respect to the function of this hiring agreement, he or she must, within the ten (10) days following the occurrence of the event which constitutes the basis for the grievance, file with the Business Manager or his designee a written statement of the grievance clearly and specifically setting forth the wrong or violation charge.  The person in charge of registration and referral shall refer the written complaint to the Secretary-Treasurer and the matter shall be processed under the provisions of the By-Laws of Plumbers Local Union #17. 

15.  Definitions: 

                 A.  Normal construction labor market

         is defined to mean the following geographical area: 

    1.  Benton, Carroll, Chester, Crockett, Decatur, Dyer, Fayette, Gibson, Hardeman, Hardin, Haywood, Henderson, Henry, Lake,Lauderdale,Madison, Mcnairy, Obion,

          Shelby, Tipton and Weakley Counties in Tennessee, 

           DeSoto County in Mississippi, And Crittendon County in Arkansas and other geographical areas assigned to Plumbers Local Union #17 by the International. 

    2.  The above geographical area includes the areas defined by the Secretary of Labor to be the appropriate prevailing wage areas under

           the Davis-Bacon Act, plus the commuting distance adjacent thereto, which includes the area in which the normal labor supply is secured.  

               B.  Resident- means a person who has maintained his or her home in the above defined geographical areas

                    for a period of not less than three (3) years and who has a permanent home in this area.

             C.  Journeyman- shall mean a skilled craftsman and/or mechanic and/or Licensed Plumber with a minimum

                  of at least five (5) years actual practical working experience in the plumbing industry.  That he/she

                  passed a satisfactory examination as to his/her skill and ability as a plumber to the satisfaction of the

                  Union and/or has successfully completed his/her joint apprenticeship training course.

           D.  Apprentice- shall mean a person who has met the qualifications outlined in the Apprenticeship Standards

                who has signed an apprenticeship agreement with the Joint Apprenticeship Committee and who has

                undertaken but not completed the apprenticeship training program.

            E. Residential Plumber- Metal Trades Journeyman shall mean a pearson who meets the qualifcations as outlined in Schedule "A"

                National Residential Light Commercial Agreement.

                   1. Building Trades Journeyman who sign the Residential Out of Work book are elidgeable to work under that agreement

                       and in no way affects his standing / position on the Building Trades Out of Work List 

16.  When Plumbers Local #17 receives less than twenty-four (24) hours notice, that a worker or replacement is needed, the Business Manager or his designee will call registrants in first-in, first-out order by priority group; however, if the Business Manager or his designee is unable to reach the registrant at the phone number given on his application (as updated), he will skip to the next person on the list. 

17.  Only those who are unemployed or employed outside the industry are eligible to sign the out-of-work list.  It is the registrant’s obligation to notify the Plumbers Local Union #17’s Business Manager or his designee if he/she becomes unavailable for employment or accepts employment in the industry while registered.  By signing a list, registrants are certifying that you are not working in the industry and are available for employment.  A violation of this section will result in the registrant’s name being stricken from the list.

18.  Violation of the Plumbers Local Union #17’s Construction Referral System Procedures will subject the registrant to fines, suspension and/or expulsion from Plumbers Local Union #17 for acts detrimental to the Union pursuant to Plumbers Local Union #17’s By-Laws and/or the International Constitution.

19.  These Referral System Procedures will be posted in the area outside the Business Office of Plumbers Local Union #17, 4229  Prescott Rd , Memphis, Tennessee.  These procedures may be amended from time to time.  Any such amendments will be posted in the area outside of the Business Office of Plumbers Local Union #17.


 Plumbers Local No. 17 of the United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipefitting Industry of the United States and Canada

 is committed to equal employment opportunities for and fair representation of its member’s, and it will not tolerate illegal discrimination or harassment in the representation of members.

 The recruitment, training, referral and representation of members will be without discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, age (40 or older),

disability, religion, national origin or any other classification protected by Federal, State or Local law. 

The Business Manager of Local 17 is responsible for implementing and enforcing this policy. Illegal harassment because of sex, race, religion, national origin, age, or disability

 involves unwelcome comments or other conduct concerning someone’s sex, race, religion, national origin, age (40 or older), or disability that is frequent enough or severe enough

 to affect the representation of a member.Illegal racial harassment is unwelcome racial language or other racial conduct that is frequent enough or severe enough to affect the representation of a member.

  Some examples of racial harassment include making offensive racial comments, like using racial slurs or calling people offensive racial names

 (such as using the word “boy” to refer to an African American man); telling “jokes” involving offensive racial language; engaging in tricks or pranks or “jokes” that involve offensive racial conduct;

 showing offensive racial photographs, drawings, or computer images; or sending emails or text messages containing offensive racial words, photographs, or drawings.

Illegal sexual harassment is unwelcome sexual language or other sexual conduct that is frequent enough or severe enough to affect the representation of a member. 

Some examples of sexual harassment include sexual touching; making sexual comments, requests, or demands for sex; talking about sex; showing sexual photographs,

drawings, or computer images; pranks or “jokes” involving sexual language or other sexual conduct; or sending emails or text messages containing sexual words, photographs, or drawings.

Any member who feels the Union has discriminated against him/her in recruitment, training, referral or representation should report it immediately to

Frank Rodgers, Business Manager at (901) 368-0900, or Tim Taylor Attorney at Law at (901)-528-1702 The Law Offices of Godwin, Morris, Laurenzi and Bloomfield P.C..

All such complaints will be promptly and thoroughly investigated in as impartial and confidential manner as possible. 

 A timely resolution of each complaint will be reached and communicated to the parties.  If a complaint of discrimination and/or harassment is found to be valid,

immediate and appropriate corrective action will be taken. Any member who feels that an Employer has discriminated against or harassed him/her in employment should report it immediately to any of the Employer’s foremen or supervisory personnel, regardless of whether the person who engaged in the discrimination or harassment is a co-worker, supervisor or non-employee.

Any member who feels that an Employer discharged him/her without just cause must promptly file within five (5) days all grounds for his/her grievance, in writing,

with the Joint Grievance Committee through Local 17 or the Mechanical Contractors Association of Memphis, Inc. 

The grievance will then proceed pursuant to the Grievance Procedure set forth in the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the Mechanical Contractors Association of Memphis, Inc.

 and other Mechanical Contractors, and Plumbers Local Union No. 17.